Panathlon Challenge 2017

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Today we travelled to Abingdon & Witney College in Oxfordshire – a 5 minute drive from the school 🙂 We were competing in this years Panathlon Challenge. We competed in the Panathlon against children from Mable Pritchard and Fitzwaryn School. It was a busy day, but we came away with a Gold Medal.

Tuesday 28th February 2017

We made the long trip across to Stoke Mandeville Stadium and competed in the South & Central Region Final. We (Kingfisher) represented Oxfordshire.

I competed in Curling, Running, Long jump and Boccia. I won 3 bronze medals, and 1 Gold medal-my best day so far! It was a long exhausting day, with so much going on, I forget which medal I won for each event. We are so pleased that we came second overall, narrowly missing out on 1st position which was won by Wiltshire.

Mum & Dad’s bit…….

We were so pleased when Ben came home from school with a Gold medal, and told us that he was off to Stoke Mandeville to represent Oxfordshire. He’s competed with Kingfisher over previous years,  and come home with a bronze medal and a participating medal, but Gold was a whole new level.

When he returned home from the regional final at Stoke Mandeville, we were so pleased for him and the school on their haul of medals. They really did themselves proud, we wish we could have been there to see them.

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