2 Days to go!!

It’s less than 48 hours until we will be all setup, and joining in the fun at this years Dorney Lake, SuperheroTri. Things are really hotting up-apart from the weather!





Yesterday was a really exciting day for Oscar. A visit back to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital in Oxford, for Oscar to see his consultant Mr Wainwright, his new physiotherapist, and also to get an X-ray on his hip to see how things are developing inside. We were all hoping for some good news.

After a quick visit to X-ray, we went to see Mr Wainwright. He checked Oz all over, checking his range of movement in the hip, and watching him walk up and down the corridors, and then looked at the Xray results.

Mr Wainwright was really pleased with how things were looking. It was clear to see that there was bone growth at the head of the Femur ( The bone in your thigh that joins your Pelvis) It was GOOD news!! After so many visits expecting the doctors to say what we wanted to hear, yesterday he said it –

“Oscar can return to all normal activities”

We were all so pleased, especially Oz. first thing he said was “Yes, I can go back to rugby training” and then his smile grew bigger and bigger when he remembered all the things he had been doing before, in particular, getting to go on a trampoline again.

Mr Wainwright told us that we wouldn’t need to be seen again for 12 months.

Next up-Physio. Oscar was so quick with the Physiotherapist, she was so pleased with him too, that she has now discharged him. It really did turn out to be a great visit, and we thank all the NHS staff for the wonderful care they have provided Oscar with over the last 2 & 1/2 years.

My Superhero Pose last night

Later that evening, Me and Dad went for my final run before the weekend. another 5 Km covered in about 40 minutes. Dad filmed a LIVE Facebook video for all my followers to watch and see how I was getting on. Every time I go out, someone beeps their horn, or shouts “Go Ben” from a car window. Seems like I’ve become a little celebrity this year. We headed down ‘Green Lane’, along to and over ‘Dorchester Bridge’, back along the old Dorchester/Oxford road alongside the lakes, then back round to our house-Passing Grampy who was out cheering me on as I ran past his house.

Home after my 5Km run

Later that night, as he had been given the green light to do as he pleased, Oscar decided he wanted to see how many times, and how far he could run around the grassed area outside our house. With Dads phone in his pocket to track his run, off he went……

Don’t worry though – he was ok after his little trip.He bounced up and went again. 4 laps in total, 0.45km in 3.5 minutes. he done really well.

If you want to watch the full clip, click the link:






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