#SuperheroTri week – Countdown…..

 Monday 13th August

Tonight we ventured down to Queenford Lakes, just near to our village. Oscar & Dad were going on a practice swim around the lake. Remember – Oscar has Perthes Disease in his left hip, and so Dad is towing him along the swim on Saturday, to help him compete, and save some energy for the cycling and hopefully a walk/run at the end.


The lake was really busy with loads of other swimmers. We even had some surprise guests turn up this evening – Mike @thebugeyedshark , and his wife Helen. They came down to watch the swim, and take a load of pictures.


It takes about 10-12 minutes for them to complete the 400metre lap. When they got back to the start line, they jumped out of the water to catch their breath. A 5 minute break, and they were ready to go again. This time, Dad said it seemed a bit easier.

Can you spot last years SuperheroTri swim cap being put to good use

Mum managed to grab some footage of us swimming. We will hopefully manage to get it uploaded soon ~Watch this space………


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