Gumball 3000-Covent Garden, London►Tokyo

 Saturday 4th August was a good day. We jumped in the car, and headed towards London, for this years Gumball Rally.  We travelled across to Covent Garden on a big Red London bus. 

A red hot day, we arrived in Covent garden having walked from Picadilly Circus, where we were dropped off. When we arrived, we spotted some cars already parked up. The cars were driving through London, then meeting at Covent Garden, before the start of the rally on Sunday morning.

After a quick look round, we headed back to Leicester Square to M & M World – Chocolate heaven for me!





A quick lunch, then it was back to Covent Garden to watch the arrival of more cars. They were coming thick and fast. Our timing was perfect. We walked round the corner, to see #Team44 in their ‘Pogmobiles’, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Mclaren 675LT and a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Oscar Jumped out and shouted “Rev It!” and the driver pulled over and gave us a t-shirt each.


Whilst Oz And Mum nipped off for some refreshments, Dad and I carried on looking around. We had just missed Josh Cartu arriving – a famous name in the car world. He had arrived in his Ferrari 812 Superfast, with a fantastic ‘wrap’ across the car. He was surrounded by everyone wanting to get a picture or have a chat, but I did get my chance to grab a picture with him. He had some of the funkiest trainers Dad had ever seen.







With the arrival of more cars, finally my favorite ‘Youtuber’ arrived in his Mercedes Benz AMG GTr. Oscar Flagged him down, and he pulled over to say Hi, and let us grab a picture with him-He then recognised us from meeting him at Goodwood last year!


We headed back to where the cars were parking up, and watched a few more arrive. It was getting late, and we really needed to get back across London to head home. It was a great day, and we really enjoyed it.

E.C. ‘Only One’ P8 (Prototype)
Team Salamone Aventado SV
812 Superfast
DB 11
Mclaren 720S


On the way home, we went to the LEGO store in Leicester square. We loved it. I bought a Porsche Lego set that I’ve wanted. We grabbed loads of Pictures whilst there……

Big Ben @ Big Ben


Happy Gumballing!!

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