SuperheroTri 2018 – Countdown

March 2018 > 

The countdown officially began back in March, and so the training began. Dad & I started going for our run around the village. A 2.5km run, that I got better and better at each time I went out. 

April 2018

We made a trip up to Scotland to visit family, so Dad & I thought it would be fun to run somewhere different. We stayed in a hotel just near Kilmarnock, and on the last day, we headed out. A chilly-hilly run it turned out to be, but also my longest ever, it must have been the fresh air!



Longest run -ever!

August 2018

Below is a highlight of everything I’ve been up to over the last few months. We’d had a nice 16Km unexpected ride out cross country and over hills, and plenty of running, with a new route that now covers an enormous 5KM – Even in this crazy hot weather the UK is experiencing right now  Hopefully I’ll be fit and ready to take on the Superhero challenge!!

A spontaneous 16Km ride out one evening
My new route along ‘Green Lane’


1st 5Km – DONE!
2nd 5Km, slightly further, slightly quicker!
So lucky to have these surroundings to run around

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