I’m Back! – 2017 in a nutshell

It’s been nearly 12 months since last years Superhero Tri, and 11 months since I last done a post-Sorry! I guess you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to since the Triathlon? Well let me fill you all in………

3rd September 2017

2 Weeks after the Superhero Tri, and just before Oscar was due to have another operation on his hip, we signed up to take part in Parallel London. We joined in the 5Km run around Queen Elizabeth Park, the home of London 2012 Olympics. Oscar was whizzed round in his wheel chair as he was unable to walk/run because of his hip.

It was a great day. People recognised me from the Superhero Tri programme that was on t.v after the race. We even bumped into Jenni, Steve and the ‘Tiny Tornado’ Eve, a family we met in the build up to the Superhero Tri.



5th September 2017

On this day, Oscar went in for his second hip operation. They hoped it would help stop the pain and discomfort he was suffering all the time. He spent 3 days in hospital, before being allowed home to continue his recovery. He even managed to miss the first 2 weeks of school because of it – so unfair!


18th October 2017

Oscar went back to the hospital to have one of his legs put in cast. 2 weeks after this, he had to have one on his other leg too, and then go back every week for another 4 weeks to have them changed each time. He had really tight calf and hamstring muscles, and the doctors stretched his legs each week, then cast them in position to help lengthen the muscles. This would mean that Oscar could walk better. He got to have different coloured casts each week. He even had some black one that looked like Santa’s boots, for when we went to the Superhero WinterWonderWheels race.

4th November 2017

SUCH-A-COOL-DAY!!! Me and Oscar got the chance to be filmed for an advert for the Superhero WinterWonderWheels. It really was cool. We went to my old school in Berinsfield, Abbey Woods Academy, to do the filming. The weather outside was horrible, so we filmed in the main hall. We got to dress up in superhero costumes, and strike some poses, then Oscar had to say some lines in to the camera. We had a great morning, and all the film crew were great.

Strike a Superhero pose!
With all the Crew – Such a cool day!!


3rd December 2017

Smile – HO HO HO

We made the trip back to Dorney Lake, to take part in a 5Km run, as part of WinterWonderWheels. We all dressed up, with Dad as a Superhero reindeer, Me and Mum as Elves, and Oscar dressed up as Santa, and rode in his wheelchair that we dresses up to look like a sleigh. We looked really good. There were loads of people there. It was a cold day, but we soon warmed up in our outfits.


They also held a 5km celebrity race. This time we rode around the lake. We were in Adam Hills team again, as he unfortunatly couldn’t take part back in August. We also had another team member join us.

A little girl called Danielle. Adam and Danielle began the race, cycled for 1km, where me and Dad joined them and cycled around the lake to the last 1km meeting point, where Mum and Oscar joined up. Dad jumped off his bike and gave it to Mum, then ran the last 1Km pushing Oz in his wheelchair.


It was a great day, with lots of my fan club coming along to support us- Thanks Guys!!




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