Superhero Series – Part 2

With my race over, now was the chance for Oscar and Dad to get ready for their race. They were taking on the Sprint Superhero Tri

It was time for Dad and Oscar to squeeze into their wetsuits. We headed down to the transition zone for Oscar and Dad to begin to get everything in place for their race. It was now time to see if all of Dad’s swimming practice would pay off, and if he’d make the 150m swim whilst towing Oscar in is Kayak.

Eventually, it was their time to set off. There were quite a few others in the water, a few with sidekicks towing them along the route. They got off to a good start. Heading around the first Orange marker, they were out with the front swimmers. They managed to set some distance between the others as they headed towards the second marker. As they headed back towards the shore, they were well ahead of the others. Dad looked exhausted. He said afterwards that his shoulders had begun to ache towards the end.

Back in the transition zone, they headed towards the bikes, quickly got changed with the help of ‘Super Mum’ having everything organised for a quick pit-stop.

It was onto the bikes, and off they went. The wind had really picked up, and I thought Oscar may struggle. He was doing the same distance as me, but with the wind against them, and Oscar suffering with his hip (Perthes Disease) we all wondered if he would manage it.

It wasn’t long, and they were back in the transition zone. Oscar came flying in. With his crazy looking cycle helmet, he was easy to spot as he came in. All the crowd were clapping and cheering them on, as they did with everyone. Again, it was another quick pit-stop and they were off for the final part, the 1km run to the finish line.

Dad ran and Oscar was in his wheelchair. Everyone who came to support us all headed round to the finish line to see them cross over. In the last few metres, Oscar told Dad to let go, and he wheeled himself across the line. They had done really well.

They were given their Medals, and then a TV crew grabbed them for a quick interview. Jordan Jarrett-Bryan (Captain of 2004 GB Junior wheelchair Basketball Team, 2 Times European champion ) He asked how Oscar found the course, and if he enjoyed it.


They done really well, and it was exactly as Dad had told Iwan Thomas after my race, it wasn’t about the time you finished in or beating other teams, it was all about enjoyment and taking part.

We will definitely be back for Superhero Tri 2018


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