A month of memories

It’s been a whole month since my last post, I know its bad, but what a month it’s been. When Dad hasn’t been working, we’ve been out training-birthdaying- training-sightseeing-training-Superhero-ing-training and on and on. It has certainly been a month of memories.

We’ve had a bit of this………………

Oscar’s ‘Superhero Tri’ Birthday cake

…..plenty of this…………

Me & Dad out on a wet Sunday afternoon

…..amazingly this……..

Me & My Youtube hero Shmee!!

…and finally….

Myself-Adam Hills & Oscar gearing up for a race
Me and the ‘Super’ Jonnie Peacock, just days after his Gold in the 100m T44 at the IPC World Championships

At the end of June Oscar celebrated his 7th birthay, and in true Oscar style, he wanted a Superhero Tri birthday cake to show his support for the big race.

For his birthday, Oscar received ‘The Red Dragon’ A new recumbent trike, all the way from Wales. Its a nice shiny red one, and under instruction from ‘SonicSophia’ ( whom we met at the ‘Come & Tri’ event #TeamSophia) the bike had to be named.

Oscar at Aberavon beach, having just picked up his new bike

July 1st was one of the best EVER days. We headed to Goodwood Festival of Speed, thanks to Jamie from the Aurora Team ( Media team covering the Superhero series) Jamie set us up with the perfect day. He sorted a base for the day for the day, nearby parking, and set up a meet with my Youtube hero Shmee. Dad & I done some filming for the programme, following me around the supercar paddock, and doing an interview on the lawn infront of the show cars. There was so much to see and do, and we will definitely be returning next year – Seeing the cars was fantastic!!



Training has been stepped up. We’ve really been putting in the miles. I’ve got faster and faster. Early in the month, my top speed was 13/14mph, yesterday at Dorney Lake, I hit a top speed of 17.2mph over 1.43Km.


Saturday 23rd July- We headed to Bristol. Dad Took his truck there to be fixed, do we headed to Bristol harbour to see all all the boats, and a visit to the S.S Great Britain.

The harbour was extremely busy, as it was the harbour festival weekend. The boat was huge, and we got to walk below it in the dry dock, and also to go aboard and see what life was like living and working on the boat. I really enjoyed the day.

At the helm
With the famous Isambard Kingdom Brunel

And finally…..

Monday 24th July we headed back to Dorney Lake to meet with Sophia Warner and her team, Adam Hills, Jonnie Peacock and Jamie & the Aurora media team. We done a brief bit of filming, and got to spend some time with Adam, with me & Oscar racing him up and down the lakeside. He is so chilled out, and we got on really well. He is so friendly and accomodating, and it’s good of him to take time out of his busy schedule. We also got to say a proper hello to Jonnie Peacock, and congratulate him on his recent win at the world championships, and also to have some pictures with him, we are really thankful. Oscar instantly spotted Jonnie fron the T.V and was quick to let him know that he had been watching him. I think Jonnie has a new big fan. With Oscar suffering with his Perthes, he has taken real inspiration from all the athletes. Oscar and I also got Sophia, Adam & Jonnie to sign our bike flags, and they all wrote really kind inspiring messages for us both.

Oscar, hope you enjoyed the championships. Best of luck with everthing in the future! always stay positive!! Jonnie Peacock

Dear Oscar, Get your legs fixed so that you can be a superfast superhero in 2018! Love Sophia
To Oscar, I hope to see you winning a gold medal soon. Big love Adam Hills
Ben, I ran my (heart) out for you! Go Team Spud! Adam Hills
Super luck for 19th Aug Sophia xx

We got to watch Adam and Jonnie ( from across the lake) doing some filming for the upcoming programme. Adam seemed to be attempting ‘The Worm’ and the ‘Funky chicken’ dance ???? We cannot wait to see what this is all about-it made some funny viewing from where we were stood.

For now it’s back to training, and the school holidays. It’s less than a month to go now, and that means starting to get my game head on. It’ll be here before I know it.

The real countdown to August 19th begins NOW!!

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