2 Days to go!!

It’s less than 48 hours until we will be all setup, and joining in the fun at this years Dorney Lake, SuperheroTri. Things are really hotting up-apart from the weather!





Yesterday was a really exciting day for Oscar. A visit back to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital in Oxford, for Oscar to see his consultant Mr Wainwright, his new physiotherapist, and also to get an X-ray on his hip to see how things are developing inside. We were all hoping for some good news.

After a quick visit to X-ray, we went to see Mr Wainwright. He checked Oz all over, checking his range of movement in the hip, and watching him walk up and down the corridors, and then looked at the Xray results.

Mr Wainwright was really pleased with how things were looking. It was clear to see that there was bone growth at the head of the Femur ( The bone in your thigh that joins your Pelvis) It was GOOD news!! After so many visits expecting the doctors to say what we wanted to hear, yesterday he said it –

“Oscar can return to all normal activities”

We were all so pleased, especially Oz. first thing he said was “Yes, I can go back to rugby training” and then his smile grew bigger and bigger when he remembered all the things he had been doing before, in particular, getting to go on a trampoline again.

Mr Wainwright told us that we wouldn’t need to be seen again for 12 months.

Next up-Physio. Oscar was so quick with the Physiotherapist, she was so pleased with him too, that she has now discharged him. It really did turn out to be a great visit, and we thank all the NHS staff for the wonderful care they have provided Oscar with over the last 2 & 1/2 years.

My Superhero Pose last night

Later that evening, Me and Dad went for my final run before the weekend. another 5 Km covered in about 40 minutes. Dad filmed a LIVE Facebook video for all my followers to watch and see how I was getting on. Every time I go out, someone beeps their horn, or shouts “Go Ben” from a car window. Seems like I’ve become a little celebrity this year. We headed down ‘Green Lane’, along to and over ‘Dorchester Bridge’, back along the old Dorchester/Oxford road alongside the lakes, then back round to our house-Passing Grampy who was out cheering me on as I ran past his house.

Home after my 5Km run

Later that night, as he had been given the green light to do as he pleased, Oscar decided he wanted to see how many times, and how far he could run around the grassed area outside our house. With Dads phone in his pocket to track his run, off he went……

Don’t worry though – he was ok after his little trip.He bounced up and went again. 4 laps in total, 0.45km in 3.5 minutes. he done really well.

If you want to watch the full clip, click the link:






4 Days to go!

Tonight it was time for Mum and Dad to head out for a training run together. Every Tuesday, Me and Oscar head to Youth Club, and Mum and Dad go for a run. Mum was feeling a bit poorly, but like the champ she is, she headed out.

You can see in the pictures, she is wearing a Panathlon shirt. These came through today, and they are what we will all be wearing, come Saturday.

Even though Mum felt poorly, she still covered 4.5km, in about 40minutes. She done really well!

Tomorrow, it is my turn for my final run practice. Keep an eye out for the next post showing how I got on.

#SuperheroTri week – Countdown…..

 Monday 13th August

Tonight we ventured down to Queenford Lakes, just near to our village. Oscar & Dad were going on a practice swim around the lake. Remember – Oscar has Perthes Disease in his left hip, and so Dad is towing him along the swim on Saturday, to help him compete, and save some energy for the cycling and hopefully a walk/run at the end.


The lake was really busy with loads of other swimmers. We even had some surprise guests turn up this evening – Mike @thebugeyedshark , and his wife Helen. They came down to watch the swim, and take a load of pictures.


It takes about 10-12 minutes for them to complete the 400metre lap. When they got back to the start line, they jumped out of the water to catch their breath. A 5 minute break, and they were ready to go again. This time, Dad said it seemed a bit easier.

Can you spot last years SuperheroTri swim cap being put to good use

Mum managed to grab some footage of us swimming. We will hopefully manage to get it uploaded soon ~Watch this space………


Gumball 3000-Covent Garden, London►Tokyo

 Saturday 4th August was a good day. We jumped in the car, and headed towards London, for this years Gumball Rally.  We travelled across to Covent Garden on a big Red London bus. 

A red hot day, we arrived in Covent garden having walked from Picadilly Circus, where we were dropped off. When we arrived, we spotted some cars already parked up. The cars were driving through London, then meeting at Covent Garden, before the start of the rally on Sunday morning.

After a quick look round, we headed back to Leicester Square to M & M World – Chocolate heaven for me!





A quick lunch, then it was back to Covent Garden to watch the arrival of more cars. They were coming thick and fast. Our timing was perfect. We walked round the corner, to see #Team44 in their ‘Pogmobiles’, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Mclaren 675LT and a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Oscar Jumped out and shouted “Rev It!” and the driver pulled over and gave us a t-shirt each.


Whilst Oz And Mum nipped off for some refreshments, Dad and I carried on looking around. We had just missed Josh Cartu arriving – a famous name in the car world. He had arrived in his Ferrari 812 Superfast, with a fantastic ‘wrap’ across the car. He was surrounded by everyone wanting to get a picture or have a chat, but I did get my chance to grab a picture with him. He had some of the funkiest trainers Dad had ever seen.







With the arrival of more cars, finally my favorite ‘Youtuber’ arrived in his Mercedes Benz AMG GTr. Oscar Flagged him down, and he pulled over to say Hi, and let us grab a picture with him-He then recognised us from meeting him at Goodwood last year!


We headed back to where the cars were parking up, and watched a few more arrive. It was getting late, and we really needed to get back across London to head home. It was a great day, and we really enjoyed it.

E.C. ‘Only One’ P8 (Prototype)
Team Salamone Aventado SV
812 Superfast
DB 11
Mclaren 720S


On the way home, we went to the LEGO store in Leicester square. We loved it. I bought a Porsche Lego set that I’ve wanted. We grabbed loads of Pictures whilst there……

Big Ben @ Big Ben


Happy Gumballing!!

SuperheroTri 2018


So here we are again. Another year, another challenge. With all the success and fun we experienced last year-we are back to do it all again!!
This year sees a slight change, there is no celebrity team captain for us, but we are entering as a FAMILY team.

 We have also been asked to represent the Panathlon Charity, and will be 1 of 4 teams participating during the day. It was an pleasure to have been asked, especially given the number of events that Ben has had the pleasure of attending, since joining Kingfisher School


We have entered the Half Superhero Team Tri This will see us take on the following challenge~
SWIM– Dad & Oscar take to the water for a 400m swim. Dad is ‘towing’ Oscar who’ll be hitching a ride on a body board
CYCLE– Mum, Dad, Ben & Oscar take on a gruelling 10km bike ride around the lake
RUN – We all join up for the last event, and take on a 2.5km run ( if we have any energy left ) and head home to the finish line – Together!!

Again, this year we are raising money for Kingfisher school in Abingdon, and also towards Perthes Association. 

You can find the link to our sponsor pages at the top of the home page and clicking ‘Sponsor Link’ The money we raise will be split between the two charities we have chosen to support. 

Thank you for taking the time and reading our updates. Why not save the date, 18th August,  and come along and join the fun, or better still, get signed up and become a sidekick. All info is available at www.Superheroseries.co.uk

SuperheroTri 2018 – Countdown

March 2018 > 

The countdown officially began back in March, and so the training began. Dad & I started going for our run around the village. A 2.5km run, that I got better and better at each time I went out. 

April 2018

We made a trip up to Scotland to visit family, so Dad & I thought it would be fun to run somewhere different. We stayed in a hotel just near Kilmarnock, and on the last day, we headed out. A chilly-hilly run it turned out to be, but also my longest ever, it must have been the fresh air!



Longest run -ever!

August 2018

Below is a highlight of everything I’ve been up to over the last few months. We’d had a nice 16Km unexpected ride out cross country and over hills, and plenty of running, with a new route that now covers an enormous 5KM – Even in this crazy hot weather the UK is experiencing right now  Hopefully I’ll be fit and ready to take on the Superhero challenge!!

A spontaneous 16Km ride out one evening
My new route along ‘Green Lane’


1st 5Km – DONE!
2nd 5Km, slightly further, slightly quicker!
So lucky to have these surroundings to run around

Catch up time

2018 – so far!

3 Weeks to go until SuperheroTri 2018, and things are hotting up. Training with Mum & Dad is well underway, & Oscar is getting fitter and better each week too. For today though, let me give you a quick update on whats been happening over the last 7 months.

January 2018

16th of January, and only having been back to school a few weeks after Christmas, I had the opportunity to return to Olympic Park, London, but this time, it was the Aquatics Centre!


A group of us from Kingfisher got the chance to compete in a swimming competition, in the Panathlon County Finals – Oxfordshire & Herts. We done really well, and the competition was strong.




We didn’t win, but still came away with a medal each, and it was a fantastic experience. 






Mum, Dad and Oscar also came along to cheer us all on too.





February 2018

It was Panathlon time again – but this time it’s back nearer to home. 7th of February, and we made a short trip round the corner from my school, to the White Horse Leisure Centre for the Oxfordshire Multi-sport competition. An indoor competition featuring Curling, boccia, Polybat, table cricket and some field events.

We came third overall, but it was another great day. 







March 2018

Guess what……………..Panathlon Competion number 3 of 2018!!

March 15th, and we made the trip across the county to the home of Para sport- Stoke Mandeville stadium. This time it was Oxon, Berks & Wilts Multi-sport regional Finals. A big group of us, sporting our new lucky colour  Green 


This was going to be a special day for us. Another competition featuring more Polybat, Boccia, table cricket, and field events. It was a tense day, with everyone doing really well. The final scores really came down to the wire, with Kingfisher narrowly winning first place on countback, as the scores were level 50 each.

It was really exciting for all of us when they announced we had won. Another GOLD to add to my collection of Panathlon medals. As an added treat, we even got to hold one of the olympic torches that was lit at Stoke Mandeville stadium ahead of the 2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympics.


Me & my crazy PE teacher – Joe.


The Winning Team – Ready to take on the rest of the world!!

I’m Back! – 2017 in a nutshell

It’s been nearly 12 months since last years Superhero Tri, and 11 months since I last done a post-Sorry! I guess you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to since the Triathlon? Well let me fill you all in………

3rd September 2017

2 Weeks after the Superhero Tri, and just before Oscar was due to have another operation on his hip, we signed up to take part in Parallel London. We joined in the 5Km run around Queen Elizabeth Park, the home of London 2012 Olympics. Oscar was whizzed round in his wheel chair as he was unable to walk/run because of his hip.

It was a great day. People recognised me from the Superhero Tri programme that was on t.v after the race. We even bumped into Jenni, Steve and the ‘Tiny Tornado’ Eve, a family we met in the build up to the Superhero Tri.



5th September 2017

On this day, Oscar went in for his second hip operation. They hoped it would help stop the pain and discomfort he was suffering all the time. He spent 3 days in hospital, before being allowed home to continue his recovery. He even managed to miss the first 2 weeks of school because of it – so unfair!


18th October 2017

Oscar went back to the hospital to have one of his legs put in cast. 2 weeks after this, he had to have one on his other leg too, and then go back every week for another 4 weeks to have them changed each time. He had really tight calf and hamstring muscles, and the doctors stretched his legs each week, then cast them in position to help lengthen the muscles. This would mean that Oscar could walk better. He got to have different coloured casts each week. He even had some black one that looked like Santa’s boots, for when we went to the Superhero WinterWonderWheels race.

4th November 2017

SUCH-A-COOL-DAY!!! Me and Oscar got the chance to be filmed for an advert for the Superhero WinterWonderWheels. It really was cool. We went to my old school in Berinsfield, Abbey Woods Academy, to do the filming. The weather outside was horrible, so we filmed in the main hall. We got to dress up in superhero costumes, and strike some poses, then Oscar had to say some lines in to the camera. We had a great morning, and all the film crew were great.

Strike a Superhero pose!
With all the Crew – Such a cool day!!


3rd December 2017

Smile – HO HO HO

We made the trip back to Dorney Lake, to take part in a 5Km run, as part of WinterWonderWheels. We all dressed up, with Dad as a Superhero reindeer, Me and Mum as Elves, and Oscar dressed up as Santa, and rode in his wheelchair that we dresses up to look like a sleigh. We looked really good. There were loads of people there. It was a cold day, but we soon warmed up in our outfits.


They also held a 5km celebrity race. This time we rode around the lake. We were in Adam Hills team again, as he unfortunatly couldn’t take part back in August. We also had another team member join us.

A little girl called Danielle. Adam and Danielle began the race, cycled for 1km, where me and Dad joined them and cycled around the lake to the last 1km meeting point, where Mum and Oscar joined up. Dad jumped off his bike and gave it to Mum, then ran the last 1Km pushing Oz in his wheelchair.


It was a great day, with lots of my fan club coming along to support us- Thanks Guys!!




And the results are in!

It been just over a month now since I competed at the SuperheroTri. I’m now back to school, and looking forward to some exciting months ahead.

In the meantime, we’ve now collected all of the money from people who chose to sponsor me. Mum & Dad sat down and totalled everything up. We set what we thought was a huge target of £500 for Perthes Association, and £500 towards my school, Kingfisher School in Abingdon. We are pleased to announce that I have SMASHED it! A whopping £1459.15 in total.

Of this total, £770.65 will be heading to the Perthes Association, and the remaining £688.50 will be going towards my School.

We all want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who chose to support me in my challenge, and I hope I have done you all proud.

This life experience has opened up a whole new interest for me. I will certainly be getting involved with similar events in the future. Keep an eye out for future blogs about what me and my little family are up to next.




Superhero Series – Part 2

With my race over, now was the chance for Oscar and Dad to get ready for their race. They were taking on the Sprint Superhero Tri

It was time for Dad and Oscar to squeeze into their wetsuits. We headed down to the transition zone for Oscar and Dad to begin to get everything in place for their race. It was now time to see if all of Dad’s swimming practice would pay off, and if he’d make the 150m swim whilst towing Oscar in is Kayak.

Eventually, it was their time to set off. There were quite a few others in the water, a few with sidekicks towing them along the route. They got off to a good start. Heading around the first Orange marker, they were out with the front swimmers. They managed to set some distance between the others as they headed towards the second marker. As they headed back towards the shore, they were well ahead of the others. Dad looked exhausted. He said afterwards that his shoulders had begun to ache towards the end.

Back in the transition zone, they headed towards the bikes, quickly got changed with the help of ‘Super Mum’ having everything organised for a quick pit-stop.

It was onto the bikes, and off they went. The wind had really picked up, and I thought Oscar may struggle. He was doing the same distance as me, but with the wind against them, and Oscar suffering with his hip (Perthes Disease) we all wondered if he would manage it.

It wasn’t long, and they were back in the transition zone. Oscar came flying in. With his crazy looking cycle helmet, he was easy to spot as he came in. All the crowd were clapping and cheering them on, as they did with everyone. Again, it was another quick pit-stop and they were off for the final part, the 1km run to the finish line.

Dad ran and Oscar was in his wheelchair. Everyone who came to support us all headed round to the finish line to see them cross over. In the last few metres, Oscar told Dad to let go, and he wheeled himself across the line. They had done really well.

They were given their Medals, and then a TV crew grabbed them for a quick interview. Jordan Jarrett-Bryan (Captain of 2004 GB Junior wheelchair Basketball Team, 2 Times European champion ) He asked how Oscar found the course, and if he enjoyed it.


They done really well, and it was exactly as Dad had told Iwan Thomas after my race, it wasn’t about the time you finished in or beating other teams, it was all about enjoyment and taking part.

We will definitely be back for Superhero Tri 2018